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Lara Dohner (she/her) is a Chicago-based Equity actor who holds her BFA in Acting from Webster University's Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts, grad. 2015. As for now, she lives in Chicago where she is working on a few SAG-approved film projects, auditioning for Equity theatre roles, taking intimacy directing classes and attending massage therapy school. She is always busy and always learning. Do you have a story to work on together? Drop her a line on the contact page, and thanks for checking out her site. <3


A note from Lara:

"Hey there. Thanks for your curiosity in learning more about my work. That's what art is all about, right? It begins with a seed of curiosity. And I lead with that in all things. I am a multi-hyphenate artist, specializing in teaching artistry, intimacy directing, and soon to be massage therapy. I am passionate about learning from artists and humans from all walks of life. I have lived in nine states, and I have moved a ridiculous amount of times for being 30 years old. I am in the business of telling stories and directing stories because I have seen the transformational power art can play from the largest of theatre houses to the smallest and most rural of community settings. Stories connect us, link us, remind us of our humanity, our collective sorrow and joy. I would love to connect and create art with you, whether as a teaching artist, director, actor, or intimacy director. I'm your one stop shop, my friend!"

Lara has over a decade of professional experience as a Theatre Teaching Artist, and has proudly taught and directed performances for ages K-12 with such renowned organizations as Missoula Children's Theatre, Seattle Children's Theatre, Movie Star Camp with Popcorn Media, and Homes for the Homeless organization, NYC. 

Lara is committed to being an ally in all her roles, both onstage and off, and she is determined to help create more inclusive, equitable, and joy-filled American theatre experiences for all theatre-makers and theatre-goers. 

Lara's Allyship Actionable Steps:

- July 2021
Lara is attending the advocacy workshop through VillageTheatre's NextStage series: Creating a Culture of Care: Caregiver Support in the Room

- September 2021
Lara is excited to attend the Intimacy as Storytelling: The Dramaturgy of Intimacy workshop through Intimacy Directors and Coordinators 


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